ALL STUDENTS are expected to pay a Booking Fee of 1000 birr as soon as possible in order to set your registration process off. You will be given an appointment to meet with an educational professional in order to complete the registration process which is more complex than usual, due to the Pandemic situation. This fee will be given back once the registration is completed and signed.

School Fees, Payment and Admission Policies – Adapted for Pandemic Environment

The following are general policies related to admission to the school.

Any deviation from these procedures must be placed in writing and be approved by the General Manager. This request and the reason for its approval must stay in the student’s personal file. 

All current students will have the right apply to continue into the next level of the school, provided that they have fulfilled the requirements of the work set in the second semester satisfactorily. We anticipate that they will be issued report cards in accordance with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Education’s guidelines. If they have not done all that is required they must take up ‘Access’ courses and complete the tasks satisfactorily to the standards required by The Education Bureau.

  • If the school is not able to start in September/October, alternative carefully-planned arrangements shall be agreed with representatives of the PLC, parents, and faculty members These possible arrangements will be agreed by 1st August, and verified on 1st Any over-payments will be compensated at an agreed rate by means of the voucher system, to be redeemed in a period 12 months following its issue.
  • They are entitled to a school place once they have completed the booking process taking place between June 29th and July 19th After that date there is the possibility of no place being available due to limited class size and oversubscription.
  • The student must pass the year in order to be promoted to the next grade in a manner and at a time prescribed by the Ministry of Education: otherwise they must repeat the grade. If they fail a second time they will have to leave the school.
  • END OF YEAR ‘PASSES’ for International Students – Such students are only required to pass in the subjects delivered in the English Language, but may participate in as many non-English courses as is seen fit due to their personal needs.
  • However, we are anxious to see all students improve continuously In their skills throughout the coming months, even if full-time regular school is not functioning, so we need to prepare and supply a range of activities to enhance their educational journey.
  • Students who have left the school previously, then wish to be re-admitted are subject to an interview and assessment procedure. If offered a place they will be treated as new students for fee schedules. They are likely to be asked to take part in Access courses on a part-time basis before admittance.
  • New students who have siblings in the school may be given priority over other applicants, provided they book to register before June 29th
  • No new students are to be admitted to our programs this year except:
  1. Kindergarten students
  2. Students whose parents have moved from other Ethiopian Regions.
  3. Incoming students from abroad.
  4. Scholarship students
  5. Cheshire’s deserving students and staff children who fulfil their special criteria for admission.
  • The Payment date of the transaction of fee payments is determined to be the day the bank confirmation is handed to the school office and stamped, and NOT the day the money is paid into the bank.
  • Any fee transactions for the coming year that are paid into the bank and receipts handed in and stamped BEFORE JULY 31st will be charged at the current year’s rate. In the event of normal operations NOT being operative at any time during the year, vouchers will be offered in compensation, to be spent within the subsequent 12 month period.
  • ALL parents must complete a Parental Registration Questionnaire at an interview with a professional educator and sign an agreement before the registration is finalised.
  • Parents who still have fees outstanding from the 2019-20 academic year may not book their students for the 2020-21 year until they have signed a special agreement form with the school, specifying the payment arrangements to be made to cover all payments from both the 2019-20 year and the 2020-21 Year, including possible penalties.


Admission procedures vary according to the nationality of the parent, the mother tongue of the family, the location of the previous school (if any) together with any special identifiable need or requirement.

Those seeking admission to the school should contact Ato Fenta on 0924-358523

Or contact us using our contact form.


No nursery students will be admitted this year.

Kindergarten (Pre KG – KG - Upper KG)

Children may be admitted to the KG section following a meeting with the Parent accompanied by the child. The application form must have the agreement of the Head of KG and the Branch Director. Places may be offered for children to start at the beginning of a Semester.

If a child is on the waiting list, and someone leaves the school, the Head of KG has the discretion to offer the place to children on the waiting list of appropriate age IN ORDER, but with siblings given priority.

The lowest age for admission is 4 years.

GRADES 1 - 4

There are very few admissions at this stage, but it is possible to place a child on the waiting list if they fulfil the criteria needed. However, the child must satisfy the Head of Section that he/she has attained a level equivalent to those students currently in our school. 

It may mean that we will insist on the child going through an induction course BEFORE official admission, and might have to work towards admission for the following academic year

Expatriate children, together with children with special needs might be subject to extra tuition (and in extreme cases extra charges) in order to cater for any linguistic, social or disability problems. These must be agreed and specified BEFORE admission.

No Ethiopia child may join the school after 1st October, except ones who have come from other Federal Regions with a supporting letter from their previous school.

Expatriate students may be admitted at any time of the year, and also receive a leaving letter at any time of the year, specifying attendance and performance but not necessarily Grade completed.

GRADES 5 - 7

No Ethiopian students are admitted to these grades without evidence that they have completed the previous grade with a high level of success.

In-coming expatriate children MAY be accepted throughout the year in response to a needs analysis and an agreed on-going IEP (Individual Education Programme)


No Ethiopian students may be admitted here, unless they have completed Grade Seven in another Federal region.


Admissions at this stage are rare, and must be supported by a letter from the present school, plus a high level of English. It is possible to study Access courses in the year prior to entry to the school on Saturday mornings, or by distance learning.


No Ethiopian new students admitted into this grade, except with evidence of exceptional ability or family home removal


Fee Schedule

Booking fee: 1000 birr (refundable against official Registration)

For payments made by students BEFORE July 31st 2020

1) Registration fee:

New students3000 birr
New students with current siblings2000 birr
Current students1000 birr
Current Nursey children going to KGNo fee


2) Monthly fee 10 payments starting 20th September:

Nursery1450 birr
Kindergarten1450 birr
Grades 1-41450 birr
Grades 5-61500 birr
Grades 7-111600 birr

For payments made by students AFTER July 31st 2020 

1) Registration fee:

New students4000 birr
New students with current siblings2000 birr
Current students2000 birr
Current Nursey children going to KGNo fee


2) Monthly fee 10 payments starting 20th September:

Nursery1550 birr
Kindergarten1550 birr
Grades 1-41550 birr
Grades 5-61550 birr
Grades 7-81700 birr
Grades 9-11To be agreed


Useful Downloads for Parents

Here you can download a copy of the above Registration Information and also the Parental Agreement document that you will need to complete as part of the registration process:


Registration Details Bahir Dar 2020-21

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Parental Agreement

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